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DQ Channels belongs to the CMIL (Cyber Media India Ltd.) group. which helped record, report, influence and map the IT industry. With a collage of activities, which include magazine publishing, market research, exhibitions, seminars, electronic media, internet, newsletters and specialised services, CMIL offers a fare of products and services that are fast becoming the sine qua non of this rapidly growing industry.

Identify New Opportunities Or Risks? Expand Your Presence In New Markets?

Define The Problem

Locate the problems that are affecting your business from becoming the next worldwide brand. This helps in the development of the business by building the right strategies.

Develop The Research Plan

A research plan includes every component of the market as well as the business that can affect future sales. A research plan is important for a business to find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Collect The Information

We have the right tools to locate information, collect it, and provide it to the different segments of an organisation to improve.

Present The Finding

All the researches are presented with the right strategies and methods that will lead the businesses through a much safer and improved marketing plan.

Market Research

Techniques We Use

Canonical Correlation

Learn about canonical correlation and how it can affect your business in positive ways with the best tools available.

Cluster Analysis

Have a complete analysis program for different clusters of the organisation for more fluent working strategies.


Analyse your data with cross-tabulation tools to record every transaction, deal, and sale of your business.

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How Is A Typical Research Project Executed

Executive Interviews Along The Value Chain

Learn how the executives work on the projects for research and development of the business. Use advanced tools to record the data for analysis and building strategies.

Analysis & Validation

Learn the process of analysis and validation from the experts who will teach you the best methods for carrying and executing a strategy in the market.


We Are The Creators You Can Trust On For A Perfect Solution To All Your Needs.

Recent Updates

Security Requirements Of E-Business Processes

Security Requirements Of E-Business Processes

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