Sites Good For Buying And Selling

With all kinds of web sites abounding on the net, one has very little time to browse the right ones. We review a few chosen ones that can contribute to your business.

With the profusion of web sites in cyberia, how do you decide which site is best suited for your needs? Here are a few sites that specialize in buying and selling of IT products. is a business-to-business e-commerce portal for IT products, services and solutions. At this site, hardware, software, services and solutions may be bought, sold, traded and auctioned.

One can take advantage of benefits provided on this site by clicking ‘Register Here’ link. Dealers, distributors, vendors and manufacturers can register under ‘Trade Member’ category. Large corporate, government and institutional bodies, which are among the top 1,000 companies in India, may register as ‘Institutional Member.’

Companies, partnership firms, proprietorship firms and trusts, which regularly buy or use IT products, services and solutions, can attain membership as ‘Corporate Member.’ Individuals, SOHO, IT-enthusiasts and students can also become ‘Individual Members.’

The best way to know all about ‘ITNation’ is to click on the ‘FAQ’ link. This section will guide to go about the site. Click onto the ‘News’ and get reports on companies or reviews on the new software, and interviews with the achievers in this industry.

‘Online classifieds’ section is where trade members can place classified advertisements. As an advertiser in this online classifieds section, a trade member may directly upload his advertisement, i.e. product listing, specifications and pricing, from his own computer. This is an excellent opportunity to small firms to publicize their unique products to a large number of buyers.

An end-user can search for his requirement amidst a large database of classified information, locate his product and compare prices with different manufacturers. Charges for advertising in the ‘Classifieds’ are not mentioned. They should let the advertiser know whether they would provide the facility of uploading his advertisement, if he does not have the required arrangement to do it from his own computer. is a complete and neutral platform as it brings together all buyers, manufacturers, suppliers and users of IT products and services from across India.

This site belongs to an American-based computer seller who supplies and repairs computers, peripherals, printers’ etc. It is a very simple site with few links – ‘Monitors,’ ‘Service,’ ‘Printers,’ ‘Toners’ and ‘Order.’

Under ‘Monitors’ section, there is a list of various brands of monitors. In the ‘Service’ category, information about variety of services provided for the maintenance of computers is given. The ‘Printers’ segment tells about all makes and models of new printers and repairing charges of old printers. ‘Toner’ section has information on quality line of new and remanufactured laser and inkjet cartridges and ribbons. In the ‘Computer’ link one can check out information on computers and peripherals having different configurations. However, prices in all the sections are quoted in dollars which might not go down well with non-American surfers.

The ‘Order’ link was not working when I visited the site. No introduction is given out on the organization that owns Today information technology products are not limited just to printers and computers only. Catalogs of branded products can be made available. There are many other products like modems, multimedia kits, scanners, etc., about which information could be provided. This could help the site to increase its business to a great extent.

While a lot can be done to make it a complete web site, one can take full advantage of the information that is available on the site.

This site has a directory of online malls that provides consumers ‘quality shopping experience’. Though not a search engine, it gives an insight to the very best of some of the big and small malls with unique merchandise. It also has a list of single merchant cybershops.

As you log onto the site’s home page, there is a section called ‘shopping center.’ In this section one can look at a variety of topics dealing with autos, food, health, computers, education, department stores, gifts, classifieds etc. which, may be of interest to the shopper. Click onto any of the given topics, whereby it will lead to the link where a list of the finest web sites is provided to the concerning subject with a preview to each of them.

In the segment called ‘shopping services’ they have categorized the malls into ‘premium malls,’ ‘regional malls,’ ‘specialty malls’ and ‘hot stores.’ Premium malls are a loosely ordered list of web malls, which are favorites to the creators of Specialty malls are basically premium malls, which have a theme or focus on a particular product type.

Regional malls offer goods made in different regions around the world. Many of them provide the facility of Internet ordering. They also give information on lodgings, restaurants, local events and services in their area. Hot stores are single merchant stores. The ‘entertainment’ section links you to the best sites on movies, chat, art and sports. Under ‘services’ section one may look up for links on news, weather, stocks and free emails.

The entertainment and services sections are not required on this site. These don’t have a relevance to the subject is dealing with. They have not informed the procedure of submitting information on any new malls that have the urge to be listed on this site in order to reach out to more people. is a unique web site. They have succeeded in hosting the very best products and services in order to provide the consumer with the easiest and most positive shopping experience.