Security Requirements Of E-Business Processes

Security Requirements Of E-Business Processes

There are many enterprises and individuals have started to take their business over computer networks. With the development can be summarised by e-business. E-business is nothing but business connections which includes electronic media. This is one of the main characteristics, where it is not necessary to know everything prior to business interaction.

The framework analyses security and uses several dimensions which can help with the security. These dimensions generally consist of elements which comprise of four elements, and these elements can have a negotiating place. The security objective can contribute to the security of the system which can intend to achieve higher. The term security can allow you to process communication services which is provided by the system to help give a specific kind of protection to the system. There are objectives of security which needs to be addressed:

E-Business Processes

  • Confidentiality: To help the data protected from unauthorised disclosures.
  • Integrity: The data which was not altered or destroyed can be done accidentally.
  • Availability: The fact that unauthorised people can access the data and systems can help you work within an appropriate period of time.
  • Accountability: The accountability part allows you to have the combination of communication activities which can help with the partner.

E-commerce is also a subset of the electronic business, which focuses on the support of the business is between two or more partners with the help of information technology. The overall objective can increase the efficiency of the underlying business processes. The e-commerce is about the trade relations which can be used to IT support. There are many categories of e-business which include the business to business, business to consumer, business to the public, public to the consumer.

  • Certification authorities: These are the setting which will help one establish and maintain the public key of infrastructure for the digital signatures.
  • Trusted third parties: This is something which can allow you to have legal disputes between the trading partners.
  • Banks and credit card companies: If it is an electronic payment system, a few setting needs to be implemented.


The important concept for the process can be more precise and can help with the business process. The business process has a clearly defined which can start to the end can have several tasks. The e-business process as a business process in the context of e-business has a payment of books which will help secure both the parties. To support the information phase, the parties need to find partners who can help them have trade relations. In the next phase, the contracting phase on the partners can allow one to have the right decision criteria. The delivery phase for the payment is done with the new transaction already prepared.



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